The Less Will Fall

By Andee Sherwood posted 10-10-2023 17:14


The Less Will Fall

by Andee Sherwood


Less young men will roar with pride

and less young women will dream of being a bride.

Less joyful giggles will be heard by all

as so many children will die and fall. 


Less students will cheer when they reach success

Less babies will cry after making a mess. 

Less people will look up at the stars above

and sadly,  less young couples will fall in love.


More soldiers to bury, more bodies to count,

more gunfire, bombs, and missiles to worry about. 

More fear to spread, hate and violence, too

If you could stop this madness, could you, would you? 


May peace be restored soon by this world of Man

and may people find trust in the shake of a hand.

Let a promise of good faith find a place in us all

The more we work together,

the less will fall.