Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (1) By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 11-10-2021 05:12

Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (1):
A Photo-Memory from Global Astronomy Month 2020
By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (astro-photo-poem-essay) and Florin Alexandru Stancu (design)

Tangent arc above
the Sun. People suffering -
they cannot touch it.

I took the symbolic picture above on 21April 2020, right during the national quarantine caused by the pandemic, which obstructed Global Astronomy Month 2020.
After the previous two mega-series of astro-photo-poetry made by the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy-SARM (through Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, Valentin Grigore, Florin Alexandru Stancu and their guests),
“For Global Astronomy Month 2020” on AWB Astropoetry Blog,
followed by “Cosmopoetry Diary in the Pandemic” on Cosmopoetry - SARM and Friends,
this picture inaugurates their continuation, a somewhat similar series, on AWB Astroarts.
“Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic” just expands, through episodes of astro-photo-poem-essay, one of the main themes of the previous projects.
A miraculous theme that, although I remained permanently in Bucharest (nicknamed “Little Paris” before World War II), made me travel from urban astronomy to astronomy from all times and all regions of the earth.

I am not crazy,
But I just travel in space-time
Just because I live in a city
With stunning gates open to the world’s
Culture and astronomy.