Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (9) By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 11-18-2021 07:31

Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (9):
Thinking of Greek Astronomy
By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (astro-photo-poem-essay) and Florin Alexandru Stancu (design)

The Greek Church (leader of Eastern Christianity or Orthodox Christianity) claims priority in Christianity because Saint Paul and Saint Andrew first passed with their messages through the territory of Greece.
In the 1890s the Greek government made a wonderful church in Bucharest for the large Greek community established in Romania.
Under its cross, the church includes columns remembering the Athenian Acropolis.
I visited this church on October 18, 2020 and thought of the great astronomers of Ancient Greece: Eratosthenes, Euxodus, Aristarchus, Plato, Aristotle, Hipparchus, Claudius Ptolemy and many others.
I also thought about Hesiod (who wrote the astronomical poem called “Astronomy”), Aratus (who wrote the astronomical poem called “Phenomena”) and the constellations named after Greek mythological heroes and officially adopted by the International Astronomical Union in the 1928, including Orion, the most beautiful constellation.

Orion is not only the name
of a constellation… Orion
was and is a name for so many things
in this world that needs love and beauty!

In 1907 “Orion” also became the name of
the first Romanian astronomical magazine.
But in his tragic love with beautiful Artemis,
the real hunter was… a little too libertine!