Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (37) By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 12-17-2021 06:14

Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (37):
Knights of Romanian Astronomical Poetry
By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (astro-photo-poem-essay) and Florin Alexandru Stancu (design)

During Bucharest Astrofest 2021 (July 23-24)
I presented my first book in the Romanian language in the last almost 20 years (a time when I made uncounted online projects in the English language), “Knights of Romanian Astronomical Poetry in the Beginning of the 20th Century and Something about Their Followers”, which I wrote in co-operation with Dan-George Uza (director of “Astromix”, the first publishing house dedicated to astronomy in Romania).
This book begins with my essay, “About the Step of Astronomical Poetry or From Aratus to SARM”, and continues with more astronomical poems.
In its pages the readers can find information about major moments in the history of world and Romanian astronomical poetry, the Romanian astronomical magazines that promoted astronomical poetry (“Orion” - edited by Victor Anestin and the “Flammarion” Romanian Astronomical Society in 1907-1912 -, “Astronomia” - edited by Romulus Irimes and the “Victor Anestin” Astroclub in 1975-1976 -, the new edition of “Orion” - edited by Danut Ionescu and the Bucharest Astroclub in 1990-1993 -, “Us and the Sky” - edited by Gelu-Claudiu Radu and SARM in 1996-2000 -, “Steps toward Infinity” - edited by Ioan Adam and the Sirius Astronomical Association since 1999 -, “Astronautica” - edited by Ioan N. Radu and the society with the same name in 1968-2018 -, the “Equinox” booklets from the children’s astronomical festival organized by the Suceava Planetarium since 2003), two anthologies of astropoetry (twenty one poems by Gabriel Donna - selected from “Sonnets of Urania”, 1902 - and three long poems by Alexandru Anestin - published in the first edition of “Orion”), a short history of the international achievements of SARM’s movement of astropoetry / cosmopoetry, literary-astronomical criticism, the four major international contemporary projects of astropoetry on the Internet (Cosmopoetry - SARM & Friends, Meteor Contemporary Poetry Project, and the Astropoetry Blog of Astronomers Without Borders), and, in the last part, a treasure-collage with verses by members and friends of SARM. 
So, “Knights of Romanian Astronomical Poetry…”, Astromix Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2021)...