Cosmopoetry Superlatives 2022 (5) By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 12-03-2022 02:56

Cosmopoetry Superlatives 2022 (5):
The Great National Astropoetry Award
By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

“I wish you to grow like
the mysterious flowers of gravity
with roots not in the earth, but in the sky,
to fill with joy the eyes
of those who want to fly.”
-Adrian Sima-

Moving on to the absolute superlatives of the Cosmopoetry Festival (founded in 1996 and held not in a single event, but in different real and online forms) chosen by SARM in 2022, we have here the most important distinction, granted again after almost a decade (and previously granted to Dan Mitrut, Dominic Diamant, Zigmund Tauberg and Tit Tihon).
This time, the hero is a former national youth laureate for astronomy and multiple national youth laureate for astropoetry, Adrian Sima, who today is a priest and chorister in a church, a physics teacher at a high school and a mathematics teacher at a university.
He returned enthusiastically with a series of impressive astropoems, which recommended him for the Great National Astropoetry Award.
Here is one of them (in my translation from Romanian):

…Flight Not Yet Invented
By Adrian Sima

“The stars are placed in the sky
like in a book with living covers
bound in the skin of time”
thought the astronomer of the fortress
with his eyes fixed on the clock tower
as on a mysterious sun

He listened to his parents' voices
with his ear close to his heart
and the longing for life
was born in him
slowly, slowly
like an evaporation of light
on the evening water of the ocean

“I seek the flight not yet invented
for my journey through the songs
of the magic bird of this morning”
he said, flipping through
his own angel's collection of wings

And life was taking
over him
slowly, slowly
as the light coiled
over his collection
of medieval comets