By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 12-06-2023 14:07



By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe 




On October 17-22, 2022, Valentin Grigore and the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) organized in Targoviste and Runcu Stone the largest performing astronomy event in Romania in the last 5 years and one of the most original national astronomy festivals in the world, which celebrated 30 years of the existence of this organization. 

Before it started, two members of SARM (Andrei Dorian Gheorghe and Alex Vizitiu) made a comical and rhyming exchange of messages (according to the model of the old poetic vanguards and the theater of the absurd), which I turned into the astropoetic mini-drama below (unfortunately, the translation from Romanian to English was complicated, with only occasional rhymes). 

Later we performed it at the festival - where I coordinated three astropoetry shows. 

In this case, the stake is not only that astropoetry complements astronomy, but also that astropoetry must dare to use means from experimental poetry and innovative literature.



Astropoetical mini-comedy by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe and Alex Vizitiu 


Two sky lovers are preparing to participate in the biggest astronomy festival in their country. 


Andrei: Maybe I'll get bored at the festival seeing your tired face like a stuttering asteroid. 

Alex: This only if Jupiter does not appear to change my route. 

Andrei: Then you go with Vega for nothing, because after midnight Orion will return you to the right path. 

Alex: We are going to Vega anyway, but Orion is standing in our way and waving vigorously. 

What a good chance that Sirius calms him down… grandly!

Andrei: That's cool! 

May Venus kiss you in your sleep then... distinguished gentleman! 

Alex: Good thing you didn't say Mercury to give me a hard punch… instead of lunch! 

Andrei: Or the Eskimo Nebula to crush you to the bone… in a majestic way (I dare say)! 

Alex: But the asteroid Ceres stands at the turn on the ring road. 

Just as majestic, he can solve us in aspic. 

And even if he is a she, we will also be solved… astronomically. 

Andrei: Stop looking for the woman among the asteroids. 

You know Vesta is not Astraea. 

Alex: Astraea the shy one... 

Andrei: She looks like a redoubt or rather like a raft without any kind of draft.  

Alex: And she has no currency for any cosmic surgery!

Andrei: Coming back to the festival, get on a pedestal and accept a nice role as a bearded asteroid... or one with more grace as a… barbarian asteroid! 

Alex: A hairy asteroid, you'd say I'm a comet!

Andrei: Better than being a scared dwarf planet. 

Alex: If I were a dwarf planet, I would only stay cool... because I would be far from the Sun, not close, like a fool!  

Andrei: But you will come to the festival easily, flying just like a sporadic and dizzying meteor, that I would try in vain to knock down… outside the town!