By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 03-21-2024 12:02



By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe 



The Sun’s apparent passing on the canopy of heaven

means daily natural entertainment. 

But if the Sun is eclipsed in part

by the Moon,

this means rare celestial art.

(Andrei Dorian Gheorghe) 


If total solar eclipses are the most spectacular, partial solar eclipses are the most frequent. And we must not forget that the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 will only be seen as partial by the people who will be in its area, but will not be on the line of totality.

In January 2011, on the occasion of a fascinating partial eclipse, SARM (this time as part of Astronomers Without Borders) organized an important international super-project of astropoetry and astrophotography with participants from several countries. I have selected below a collage of verses from that project: 


In the middle of the winter

the eclipse blossomed

on branches of story

(Iulian Olaru, Romania) 


Otherworldly light:

a piece of the sun

is temporarily gone 

(Marge Simon, USA)


the Moon’s silhouette froze

on the Sun’s cheek - 

a morning

with void air  

(Dan Mitrut, Romania) 


These natural phenomena

never produced bad things.

But of course

when justice, spirituality, goodness

and reason are eclipsed,

it is much worse. 

(Zigmund Tauberg) 


We didn’t determinate contacts,

we just observed

and admired... 

(Sorin Hotea) 


Sometimes I wish I had a special hot air balloon that would

let me soar above the clouds... especially when there's

a solar event I want to see 

(Arlene Carol, USA/Turkey) 


Another party in the sky,

the Earth looks at the Moon

who makes hop steps,

the Sun looks in part

at the blue globe,

the Moon is caught between them

and dances with them… 

(Ionut Moraru, Romania) 


Scythe of the Sun

shared with Ptolemy

over the centuries. 

(Alfredo Caronia, Italy) 


At dawn on the New Year's fourth day

The sun was part eaten away.

The eclipse was quite deep,

But I was asleep -

What will other astronomers say? 

(Dacid Asher, UK) 


Don’t hesitate

and just put me absent

for the eclipse’s

poetic agreement. 

(Victor Chifelea, Romania) 


The light of the shadow,

Sun and Moon in the sky,

a hide-and-seek game. 

(Silviu Georgescu, Romania) 


an eclipse tonight

posted a friend on Facebook

but by then too late

out of my window blackness

others' visions seen online 

(Gerald England, UK) 


Just juggle a little

with the concepts

“to lighten”

and “to be lightened”

and you will be


(Razvan Ciomartan, Romania) 


In a snowed winter core,

two twin emotions

dress the benumbed sky

in a tinge of dreaminess. 

(Irina Cristescu, Romania) 


I know, Celestial Father,

with two suns and two moons,

it may be harder. 

(Boris Marian-Mehr, Romania) 


It’s interesting that

we could observe it without solar filters,

the clouds filtered enough. 

(Ruxandra Toma, Romania) 


Time becomes a shadow,

but the god Ra,

with unseen blazes,

will give us

a new birth. 

(Tit Tihon, Romania) 


In the game of snowflakes

The Moon’s dance around the Sun,

Through a voile of clouds... 

(Valentin Grigore, Romania) 


The entire project (with more astropoetry and amazing photos) can be seen here: