Thoughtful New Poem-based Meme Published

By Andrew Fazekas posted 11-19-2020 15:44

Hi Everyone,  Just wanted to let you all know that we published on our social media channels today the latest meme in a series dedicated to our Under the Same Stars campaign that runs through early December.  

Big shout out to our fellow AWB staff member @Andee Sherwood ​for an absolutely beautiful poem, we extracted a portion of for this meme, which is so appropriate for these challenging times we all live in.  

Here is the link to Andee's entire poem.  

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11-19-2020 17:11

Thank you!

11-19-2020 15:59

@Andee Sherwood Great poem! I think it really captures what we're all feeling right now and what the night sky can do to help! Thank you so much for writing it.​