Global Astronomy Month 2021: The World's Largest Celebration of Astronomy Begins April 1

By Andrew Fazekas posted 03-31-2021 18:02


Calabasas, CA, March 31, 2021: 
Global Astronomy Month 2021 (#GAM2021) festival fills the entire month of April with exciting programs for astronomy enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s stargazing, sharing with the public, or the cosmos in art, there is something for everyone in GAM 2021.

Global Astronomy Month (GAM), in its 12th year, is organized by Astronomers Without Borders, and is the world's largest annual global celebration of astronomy. Each GAM brings new cosmic ideas and new opportunities, and GAM 2021 is no exception, bringing night sky enthusiasts together worldwide to celebrate Astronomers Without Borders' motto One People, One Sky.

This year’s programming highlights include:

One Sky, One Postcard AstroArts Project

OneSky_OnePostcard.pngAWB invites you to participate in an innovative astronomical art project called One Sky,  One Postcard. A global collaboration during the pandemic, bringing together all people, across all borders who have dealt with isolation and the lack of contact for many months. In a year where so much has been digital, we wanted to share an opportunity to create something physical.

One Sky, One Postcard is a call-out  to all artists, poets, designers, amateur astronomers and pros, to share their artwork, poetry or images of the night and day sky, in order to create a collective scrapbook of stellar art which will eventually become a traveling art exhibit, a giant mosaic image, a coffee table book, and more! 


Beauty Without Borders Photo Campaign


Skywatchers around the world get set for an eye-catching close encounter between Mars and the Moon occurring on April 17.
AWB in partnership with is putting a call-out for smartphone and camera users to snap and share their photos of this cosmic encounter. All sub

mitted images taken at different geographical locations across the world will be used to create a unique animation that will allow everyone to discover how the relative apparent positions of Mars and the Moon change with time, and everyone’s viewing location.

This social campaign #beautywithoutborders will be coupled with a virtual Global Star Party hosted by AWB partner, The Virtual Telescope Project offering  a tour of the brightest star clusters, nebulae and galaxies in the sky above Rome, Italy. 


Connections to the Night Sky

AWB’s wide‐ranging programs connects art and culture with astronomy in exciting ways, including ethno-astronomy-themed webinars and the annual Cosmic Concert with original music composed and performed by Giovanni Renzo.

AWB partner programs bring new audiences and participants: Measuring light pollution worldwide in Globe at Night, advocating to value and protect of dark skies with International Dark Sky Association, and classrooms discovering asteroids in the International Asteroid Search Campaign, and astro-themed podcasts from Cosmic Savannah, and more.  

Learn more about GAM 2021 events on the web site at

Watch and share the GAM2021 Video Trailer available in several languages on AWB's YouTube Channel.  

Global Astronomy Month background info:

Astronomers Without Borders is a US 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization incorporated in California.

About Astronomers Without Borders: Astronomers Without Borders is a registered non-profit that connects people worldwide through innovative programs that are accessible to everyone regardless of geography and culture. Combining local events with online technology and a global community, Astronomers Without Borders is a leader in promoting understanding and peaceful international relations, while also supporting outreach and education in astronomy. For more information about AWB please visit:

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