Cosmic Rings

By Harley White posted 06-02-2023 10:57


Image processed and rendered especially for by Pablo Carlos Budassi.



Cosmic Rings



A ring of nine gamma ray bursts was found 

nine billion light years far away, it’s claimed, 

which ‘should not exist’ say thinkers renowned, 

although discovered through further tests aimed 


at detailed scrutiny of GRB 

distribution in space, that is of groups. 

While some of large scale, astronomers see 

as having been glimpsed in various troops, 


a pattern so circular in its form 

has researchers in a notional scrape 

by its contradicting the CP norm, 

thus leaving investigators agape. 


That ‘cosmological principle’ clash 

gave rise to the studiers’ great surprise 

in stirring up a conjectural splash, 

due to as well its vast structural size. 


Electromagnetic events to stun, 

such doings as much energy release 

in just a few seconds, as does the Sun 

throughout its ten billion year star caprice. 


These brightest of all in stellary glare, 

GRBs are said to come from perhaps, 

albeit transient phenomena rare, 

enormous sidereals that collapse. 


It has not been settled completely yet, 

if anything ever really is 

in the twinkling of our earthly vignette 

while circumvoluting in solar whiz, 


exactly how gamma ray bursts are wrought, 

one more enigma to add to the throng, 

as theories heap each thought upon thought 

and humankind still goes plodding along… 


For lines to sum up this poem, I chose 

a pair by Frost whom I highly revere, 

befitting the cosmic theme thus to close, 

which seem to speak volumes, in style austere. 


Wrote Robert Frost in a famed rhyming verse 

that ‘we dance round in a ring and suppose,’ 

‘but’, in weighty words, notwithstanding terse, 

‘the Secret sits in the middle and knows.’ 



~ Harley White 



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Some sources of inspiration were the following… 


“The Secret Sits”, by Robert Frost (1874-1963) 


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Explanation: Giant GRB is a ring of 9 gamma-ray bursts 9,100 million ly away - This GRB concentration is extremely unlikely so a giant supergalactic structure is thought to exist – It’s one of the largest structures known (5,600 million ly in diameter)… 


Image credit: Image processed and rendered especially for by Pablo Carlos Budassi.