Sharing and celebrating astronomy in contempt of bad weather

By Johannes Stübler posted 04-19-2021 07:39

Our LIVE--streaming events at our local observatory during #GAM have been fixed for these 3 days, because we wanted to do it in combination with AWB's "Beauty without Borders" - event.

As so often during April - the weather did not join the game. But nevertheless we did our live sessions at our observatory and offered a bad weather programm with selfmade images & videos and planet-modells as well, to give people insight, what we are doing normaly in our observatory and what people can see when they are looking through our telescopes. Of course our call  for pretty pictures, showing the close encounter of Mars and Moon failed. All over Austria we had bad weather during these days.

But nevertheless people had fun, they have seen our telescope in action, they have seen videorecords of moonobserving and so they get an insight about how for example the moon looks like if you observe craters live. Our online visitors have seen the scintillation and now they know what's bad seeing, and they got a feeling for the dimensions of our solar system. Even about how big or  better how small our sun is compared to other stars. At the end of the last presentation the red Hypergiant WOH G64 fitted exactly in our observatory dome (diameter 6 meter) and the sun compared to this giant had only 3 mm. Many thanks to Erwin Günther, a dedicated member of our astronomy club, who did all 3 bad weather live-presentations, using open source broadcast software (OBS) and his  notebook for streaming live from our observatory!

animated GIF - moonsurface

Johannes Stübler
National Coordinator, Austria 🇦🇹