A Cratered World

By Reuel Norman Marigza posted 10-01-2022 11:07

The Philippines is among the countries that has been slow to address the pandemic, and as such in-person astronomy outreach activities have been mostly on hold. For the International Observe the Moon Night 2022 the volunteer astronomy outreach community Manila Street Astronomers collaborated with the Philippine Astronomical Society for our first official Free Telescope Viewing event (limited resumption of activities to ensure health and safety protocols are observed).

Prior to the event, our mall partner erroneously used Meteorite 101 for their event publication. This was the event title used in our previous event with them. Rather than argue over the error made, MSA decided to highlight the relationship of meteorites to the Moon by giving emphasis to the craters.

NASA's InOMN gives freedom on the interpretation of "observe" the Moon, so we chose to highlight these impact craters through a series of posts on our Facebook page. One of our event partners who took part in the initial Meteorite 101 event was also present to discuss the connection of meteorites to the Moon.

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10-04-2022 16:00

Great dedication by astronomers in your area to conduct public outreach at this amazing level.  Congrats!