By Shreya Gupta posted 01-11-2022 13:32

Dear diary,
They say days are warm
And nights are cold
Because the sun is up
During the day
But not at night
And I do feel it on my skin
They say too, though,
That at night
Glow a million more suns
Why then
Are nights not
A million more warm than day?
Miss Schmidt tells me
They are too far away
To bring any warmth
To us
I cannot think
How it is possible
Dear diary,
I was with Sara all night
And in my dreams
I felt a suspension
Of breakthrough
All that she told me
Was coming anew
I could feel
What she meant
By diamonds sparkling
On a black ocean
I had been the ocean
But now I felt the warmth
Of something far away
And something unknown
I held on to the idea
Of beauty and mystery
Begging it to stay
But slowly and painfully
I awoke and lost
The worlds so far away
Sara had said
Stars must hide
After every sunrise
Yet my soul cries and
Yearns to know the universe
The red of Betelgeuse
The blue of Pleiades
The hide-and-seek
Played by a distant nearest galaxy
Fuzzy from our skies
If only these things
I could see with my own eyes

-Shreya Gupta