Conjunction of Venus and the Moon

By Zoe Chee posted 01-12-2021 15:40


Beauty Without Borders -- Global Balcony Photography of the Moon and Venus

Venus shines very bright like a pearl in the early evening sky this month. However, in an eye-catching encounter, the crescent Moon will pass near Venus around April 26th.


The Moon will appear to move from far below Venus to far above Venus in the western evening sky in just a few days. However, we can watch them only a few hours each day because they set on the horizon soon after sunset. When you cannot see them, they can still be seen from other locations in the world. Watching them globally and sharing the images, we can witness the full story of their encounter in our sky.

Taken on March 29 at 19:51(JST) in Okayama, Japan

Comparing the angles and distances of the Moon and Venus from various places will lead you to discoveries.

Let's enjoy the beauties with friends all over the world!

Taken on February 27 at 18:32(JST) in Okayama, Japan

Date and Time:
April 25 15:00 UT - April 27 15:00 UT (48 hours)

Take a picture of the Moon and Venus in one frame through your room window of your room, apartment balcony or backyard. These two worlds are so bright that you can snap their photos with nothing more than your smartphone or your digital camera.

If possible, set the camera focus to infinity.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Hold the camera so that the lower edge of the image is parallel to the horizon (see figure 1 and figure 2).

If possible, avoid saturation of the image of the Moon, which can result in the shape of the crescent Moon becoming blurred and rounded. In order to avoid saturation, the exposure time should be short enough, or the sensitivity (ISO number) should be small enough. Read the manual of your camera or smartphone to change and adjust the settings. You need not set up a tripod if the exposure is short.

If possible, keep the file size of the image below 3 Megabytes to prevent heavy network traffic.

We hope that the submitted images will be displayed nearly in order of time, so please submit your image within a few hours after shooting.

When you submit your image from the form in this page, please describe your name (or nickname), when and where you take your images, i.e. the date, time (in local time), city or region, country.

Safety first! Make sure you follow all health guidelines, and make sure you do not lean out of the window or over the edge of the balcony.

We are going to combine the submitted images into an animation. In order to align the field of view of images and add information in the images, we would like to edit your images, so please permit us to rotate them, fill their background with black, superpose information (date, time, and/or place) on them. If you do not want your images to be edited, please choose 'No' in the form, then the images will not be included to the animation. If your images are included to the animation, your name will be displayed.