AWB Chief Executive Officer Position - To Fill

By Zoe Chee posted 03-20-2023 17:51


Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) is a smaller U.S. Non-profit based in California, however our activities are international in scope. AWB Believes that we all share the same sky and our work brings people together to share our passion of astronomy and the wonders of the Universe.

AWB MISSION: AWB Builds and Cultivates Community Through Astronomy

AWB VISION: Our vision is a global community that appreciates, studies, and shares the wonders of the universe, to broaden perspective, transcend borders, and improve lives.


  • Create and implement astronomy-related programs that inspire and empower a global community of enthusiasts and educators.
  • Cultivate a diverse, international community that will engage astronomy-related enthusiasts and educators in the sharing of resources globally.
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AWB has great potential to grow and expand its scope of operations. We are looking for Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with innovative ideas and a passion for astronomy-related education and outreach. The CEO will work closely with current AWB staff and contractors to oversee planning and implementation of current AWB programming. In addition, the CEO is responsible for evolving new project/program ideas that will help achieve AWB’s goals, and secure the necessary resources for implementation.

Duties Include:
• Monitor financial status of the organization,
• Develop new partnerships and programs,
• Grow AWB’s financial capabilities (secure new sponsors, grants, etc.),
• Prepare and sign agreements/contracts,
• Represent AWB at conferences/meetings, and fundraising events,
• Prepare required reports for funders, and oversee the preparation of an annual report
for AWB stakeholders,
• Recruit additional board members and/or additional staff as the organization expands,
(work with recruiting/staffing agencies where necessary),

• Inform and approve staffing decisions,
• Schedule quarterly AWB Board Meetings,
• Work with AWB staff and contractors to prepare a state of the organization presentation to be delivered at quarterly AWB board meetings,
• Engage in other duties as requested by the AWB Board of Directors.

NOTE: It is understood that due to limited resources, this position is starting as part-time. As a result, the CEO will work with the AWB Board of Directors to establish reasonable goals that can be completed on an annual basis commensurate with the compensation and hours expected to be committed. As AWB’s financial capacity grows, it is anticipated that the CEO’s compensation and time commitment will grow as well.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Good communication and networking skills,
  • Fluent in English, competency in at least one other language is desirable,
  • Willingness to engage in public speaking (virtually and in-person),
  • Good organizational skills,
  • Strategic planner/thinker who can see the “big picture”,
  • Experience in securing external funding, grant writing, etc.,
  • A proven interest in astronomy, from an academic, educational, amateur, professional, or industry background, 
  • Dedication to diversity and inclusivity; an interest in working with minority or underrepresented groups,
  • Legally permitted to work in the USA.

Physical Conditions/Nature of Work:

  • This is a remote work position,
  • Travel from time to time may be necessary,
  • Flexible work schedule.

Salary: $20,000 - $25,000 annually depending on experience + bonus based on AWB annual growth in revenue.
The CEO reports to the AWB Board of Directors.
Interested applicants should submit a cover letter along with your CV/resume to AWB Board Secretary, Ms. Yasmin Catricheo at Questions about the position should also be directed to Ms. Catricheo.

Application Deadline – April 9, 2023