By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 12-07-2023 12:01


By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe





I decided to make this episode in the form of a haibun (concentrated diary, ending with a
haiku). So...
Targoviste Astro-Fest 2023 started in the former Capital of Romanian Land on the
evening of October 17 with a working session in the Valahia Hotel lobby, led by the
founding president of SARM Valentin Grigore, in which the program was set up, and the
participants told memories and joked...
With the next day, the festival took place in the beautiful county history museum, where
the big hall, the small hall and the floor (with cloaks and crowns of Wallachian rulers)
were decorated with fascinating exhibitions: marine astro-avigation instruments (the
collection of Commander Vasile Chirilă from Mangalia), astrophilately (the collection of
Alec Bartos from Cluj-Napoca), meteorites (the collection of Răzvan Andrei from Târgu
Jiu), small telescopes (from the company “Telescop Expert” from Miercurea Ciuc,
arranged by Szender Fejer from the Hungarian Astronomical Association of
Transylvania), the old cosmopoetry library of SARM (arranged by Andrei Dorian
Gheorghe from Bucharest) together with exhibits from the ASTROMIX Publishing
House (run by Dan-George Uza from Cluj-Napoca), two stands (of the magazine “Stiinta
si Tehnica” and of astro-publicist Marcel Jinca) and, the most spectacular, an
international one of astrophotography.
After the introductory speech by Valentin Grigore (who also presented a photo-montage
with images from the history of SARM), messages sent online by Romanian astronomers
settled in other countries (Ovidiu Vaduvescu from the Canary Islands, Danut Ionescu
from New Zealand and Ioana Stelea from the USA ) and the signing of the collaboration
protocol between SARM and the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy,
between October 18-20, presentations were made about asteroids, space missions,
eclipses, variable stars, popularization, education, books, magazines, astronautical
philately, observational methods etc. by national cosmonaut Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, Dr.
Mirel Birlan (director of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy), Ioan
Adam (founding president of the Sirius Astronomical Association from Bârlad), Catalin
Beldea (from Bucharest, national record holder in observing total solar eclipses), Vasile
Chirilă (founding president of the AstroNauticus Association from Mangalia), Ovidiu
Ignat (coordinator of the Astronomical Complex from Baia Mare), Vitalie Chistol
(coordinator of the Astronomical Complex from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova), Jan
Ovidiu Tercu (coordinator of the Astronomical Complex from Galați), Alec Bartos
(national astrophilatelist from Cluj-Napoca) , Marcel Jinca (founding president of the
SARM Gorj Astroclub from Târgu Jiu), Andrei Pocora (from the Mircea cel Batran
Naval Academy from Constanta), Afrodita Liliana Boldea (from the University of
The evenings of October 18 and 19 offered the general public telescope observations in
the city's central square, coordinated by Cristian Danescu (from Ploiesti, professional
astronomer at AIRA and, at the same time, technical vice-president of SARM) and
Cosmin Sorin Miclos (founding president of the Astronomer Disciple Association from
Miercurea Ciuc).
The festival also contained a youth section in which the talented students Corina Fotin
(from Brăila), Ovidiu Dascălu (from Timișoara) and Iustin David (from Târgoviște)
presented works in astrophotography, Ioana Iulia Ilie (from Târgoviște) in astro-graphics
and Ana Scurtu (from Târgoviște) in astro-photo-poetry.
Between the evening of October 20 and October 22, the festival participants moved to a
mountain area at the Runcu Stone Guesthouse, where Valentin Grigore gave an ample
presentation about meteors, followed by observational nights for the Southern Taurid and
Orionid meteor showers.
Other guests also contributed to the smooth running of the event: Erik Culescu (from
Bucharest, specialist in teletransmissions), Alex Vizitiu (IT specialist and photographer
from Bucharest), Petrișor Munteanu (from Bucharest -from the magazine “Stiinta si
Tehnica”), Sorin Ion (coordinator of the Planetarium from Brașov), astrophotographer
Nelu Rugan (from the Meridian 0Astroclub from Oradea), Cristian Omăt (from the
Urania Astronomical Association from Bucharest), important members of SARM such as
George Tanase and Catalin Lita (both from Targoviste) and Daniela Mladin (from
Pitesti), as well as a number of admirable young volunteers from Targoviste.
I will talk more about other special components of the festival, two cosmopoetry galas in
Târgoviște and a short show at Runcu Stone, in future episodes.
And as a first poetic synthesis...
Astro-events -
human translations after
heavenly works